“I am Extremely Concerned” And “This Is Undemocratic,” WB Governor Over Opposition Mp’s MLAs Targeted By Police

Mumbai: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar on Thursday expressed concern over the law and order situation in the state and appealed to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to hold a meeting in this regard and provide information about the serious situation in the state.

Dhankar also elaborated on the plight of opposition leaders, MPs, and MLAs, that they are being targeted by police who are ‘partisan’ by nature.

“Given the enormity of decline in law and order, @MamataOfficial has urged CM to urgently brief me. This as Political Leaders and opposition MPs and MLAs being virtually hunted out of public space by partisan police acting as political workers. This cannot be allowed in a democracy,” he tweeted.

The West Bengal governor also attached a video with a message on the political goal of MPs and opposition leaders in the state, saying, “I am extremely concerned” and “this is undemocratic and not proper conduct.”

“As the Governor of the state, I am deeply concerned about the horrific decline of law and order in our state. The public representatives and opposition party leaders who make public speeches by the state police are really victims. It is undemocratic. This is not proper conduct. In such a situation, when I feel such mistreatment of Members of Parliament and MLAs by the State Police in a partisan manner, I thought that the attention of the Hon’ble Chief Minister is to draw this terrible situation, towards this terrible decline. The undemocratic approach in our state,” he said.

“I request the Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to spare free time and negotiate with me on this worrying spectacle. I am sure he will give it the highest priority. We cannot afford the police to act according to the law but not take action Do. In a partisan manner like a political activist of the ruling party. I have repeatedly warned the police that it is their responsibility to act according to the law and follow their conduct rules. I am sure they will listen to my voice and act in a biased manner (like this), ”Dhankhar said in a video posted on Twitter.

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