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Man Beaten To Death For Using Loudspeaker At Temple In Gujarat

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Mumbai: A 40-year-old man died after he and his brother were allegedly beaten with sticks by members of their own community for using loudspeakers while performing aarti at a temple in Gujarat’s Mehsana.

The man was confronted by a group of people who asked him to turn off the loudspeaker. The situation then reportedly turned into a fight which resulted in the death of the man.

Jashwantji’s brother Ajit informed police that when he and his deceased brother were performing aarti at the Meldi Mata temple near their house at 7 pm on May 4 when a person named Sadaji Thakor came to their place and asked them to stop at using the loudspeaker.

However, when the brothers refused to do so, Sadoji and four others attacked them with sticks.

Both Thakor brothers were taken to the hospital by the villagers, but Jaswantji died during treatment.

The MNS chief had on April 12 demanded the removal of loudspeakers from mosques in Maharashtra by May 3, failing which he threatened MNS workers to play Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeakers during prayers.

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