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‘Burqa Hides Your Beautiful Face, Remove It,’ Policeman Tells Woman In Chennai; Suspended

Mumbai: A head constable was suspended for harassing a woman and asking her to remove her burqa as it hid “her beautiful face” in Chennai. The incident took place when the woman visited the station to find out the status of a complaint about a vehicle theft.

The woman, referred to as Mariam (name changed for privacy), had visited the police station to inquire about the status of her vehicle theft complaint.

According to TOI, on February 14, Mariam filed a complaint regarding her stolen two-wheeler. Two days later, she spotted her stolen car near Pudupet. She called the police, who came and got it back.  

Mariam asked for her car back right away, but Velmurugan told her that because of the filed FIR, she would have to pick it up from the court. He informed her that even in her tears, she looked lovely and advised her to take off the burqa as it covered her face when she became apprehensive and started crying.  

Mariam lodged a complaint against Velmurugan after the event. After a thorough investigation by senior police authorities, Velmurugan was suspended.

In other events, Shiva, 32, was taken into custody on Thursday night in Ambattur after he allegedly stabbed and slashed his mother’s throat. The victim, 72-year-old Rani, is reportedly in critical condition and is being treated in a hospital.

When Shiva, who was allegedly intoxicated, got home, he discovered his mother playing with her grandchildren on the ninth floor of his sister’s home. He insisted that she come back home right away to get dinner for him.

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