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UP: Minor Couple Dies After Jumping In Front Of Train In Basti

Mumbai: In a shocking incident, a minor boy and a girl, who was said to be in love with each other, died by suicide after jumping in front of a moving train in Uttar Pradesh’s Basti District on Saturday morning.

The incident unfolded two days after Valentine’s Day. The young couple died near Tinich Railway Station. The commuters present at the railway station spotted the dead bodies and informed the Railway Police (GRP).

When the GRP arrived, they seized possession of the dead bodies. They’ve started a post-mortem on the deceased and submitted the bodies for examination.  

Satish Chaudhary, a 14-year-old from Basahiya hamlet in the Basti district’s Gaur Police Station region, has been confirmed as the deceased. He had been romantically involved with Aama village resident Shivangini Gupta (13).

According to sources, the pair left their house on Friday, February 16, and the girl’s and boy’s relatives launched a thorough search to find them. But this morning, they learned that the girl and kid had died after they had jumped in front of a rushing train. The incident happened at Tinich Railway Station’s western end, while the train was traveling from Gorakhpur.  

According to reports, the girl and the boy used to see each other frequently and had been in love for a while. Once the boy and girl’s relatives learned about their relationship, they reprimanded them.

Even after receiving criticism from their parents and being instructed to stop seeing each other, they kept going out. According to reports, the young couple committed suicide by jumping in front of the train, and the station supervisor saw it happen.

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