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Mumbai Man Throws Gutka Packet From Train, Says ‘We Pay For Maintenance’; Railways Responds

Mumbai: A video of a train passenger littering a station in Mumbai and defending his actions was shared by an X user. It shows him throwing gutka packet and justifying it by saying he pays for maintenance. This video has elicited a response from Railway Seva, the official support handle for passengers on X.

“This gentleman gives maintenance to the @RailMinIndia to clean it and he will keep on doing filth and will not improve,” reads a part of the caption written alongside the video shared on X.

A passenger on a Mumbai local train is seen in the first scene of the video throwing a gutka packet out the window of the carriage. A fellow traveler saw him and told him to put the packet in his pocket and throw it in the trash later.

The passenger justified his action by saying that he pays maintenance to the Railways. Reacting to this, the fellow passenger sarcastically remarked, “You should be awarded for this,” to which the man replied, “Yes, give me an award.”

Watch the video below:

Check out how people reacted to this video here:

“Maintenance dete hain [We give maintenance,” posted an individual.

Another added, “There are daily offenders in locals who put smelly feet on seats or their dirty shoes. Use mobile loudspeakers and disturb the peace! Use local dubbas like their homes. Train marshalls besides TCs are needed to fine such offenders.”

“This guy gives maintenance to the government so that he can litter around. Please teach him a good lesson,” wrote a third.

The video was shared on April 17 on X. It has since then collected over 2,000 views and numerous likes.

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