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Reflecting The Battle Against Global Warming Documentary “Wild Idns South Will Be In Mumbai Asia ‘Premiere’

This program Rosatom is brought to you and will be broadcast by National Geographic in the spring
A new documentary on March 13, 2019, Mumbai Wild Idns South Asia ‘will be premiered this film is the third in the series, which highlights the issue of climate change.

This documentary film emphasizes the unique and fragile habitats in India and Bangladesh and reflects the rarest and most spectacular wildlife in the region. The film presented by Rosatom will be broadcast by National Geographic in the spring.

Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation is the leading organization in the world to produce clean and safe energy, which is very concerned about the risks associated with climate change. In the nuclear power industry as an integral part of the evolving and green energy sources, it has established itself. Wild Try Idns take “spread awareness about the importance of bringing to light the threat of global warming on the flora and fauna around the world, as well as nuclear energy, which Dikarbnaijheshn-carbon source of Energy.

‘Wild Idnsः in South Asia’ has captured the beautiful landscapes of the region, where wildlife could endanger future. From dense forests to distant deserts, from wild mountain ranges, the wide river – close to nature in South Asia is a story for everyone.

Actress and activist Freida Pinto is the Wild Idns project Aembaseder would be a special guest at the premiere. Frida best actress is not the same, but the true nature lover, who has always supported a number of issues of sustainable development, including the UN Global Goals campaign. He has lent his voice to the film and they have been very excited to shoot this film in their country.

Freida Pinto said, ” We humans all share the same opinion should focus on your planet will be the first to impossible react to the effects of global warming. I am very pleased with it wants to do, I devoted an entire episode to my country by Wild Indians. The film world will be millions of people by chance they wild nature of my country will be able to see rare wildlife, Wildlife Sanctuary and beautiful landscapes which are mesmerized but who are also struggling with the dangers of climate change. ”

Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation is believed to be a safe and clean energy production in the world’s leading and the organization adheres to the principles of social responsibility. Rosatom includes 400 companies and research institutes and more people work from 250,000 for it.

Presents 70 years of integrated services at all levels in an organization experienced nuclear production chain, ranging from mining uranium Nuclear Facilities by Dismissing and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management. Rosatom Aeplaid Research and execute projects active in the field of innovation. The company has various clean energy projects in the commercial sector, including wind power.

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