Scoring A 90% In Grade 10, A Student With Attention Deficit Disorder Beats The Odds!

Mumbai: Real life can turn into a movie for some people; not due to a miracle but with the right guidance. Krish Shirish Shah of Mulund found it difficult to understand letters when he was in first grade all the way to the second grade. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD- Lack of Concentration and Hyperactivity Problems) and Behavioral Issues. He would also stumble over his words while speaking. But today, Krish passed the ICSE board’s 10th exam with 90 percent. He wants to do his undergrad in Commerce and pursue an MBA.

Krish, a student at NES National Public School in Mulund, was easily distracted in the classroom. He was unable to have any social interaction with his classmates. Keeping up with his schoolwork was a task as well! The teachers ignored his lack of progress but when they noticed no improvement in third grade, they decided to address the issue with his parents. Komal Shah, Krish’s mother, contacted Dr. Sumit Shinde, founder of Child Learning Center, marking the beginning of regular therapy and counseling for her son. Dr. Sumit Shinde, an occupational therapist, counseled Krish on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Behavioral Issues through sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. “By the time Krish was in eighth grade, his behavioral issues were resolved. He started socializing with his classmates. His academic performance improved. He scored well in mathematics which was a challenge for him earlier. The teachers at the school also worked hard on him,” said Komal Shah. When Krish got 90 percent marks in the recent ICSE 10th results, his parents and teachers were overjoyed.

Behavioral problems as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder drive many students out of mainstream education. Dr. Sumit Shinde of Child Learning Center said, “If children are facing difficulties due to any kind of developmental issues or learning disabilities, parents should identify them at that time. With the right guidance and counseling, along with special attention from parents at a young age, these children can excel in any field like their peers.”

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