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Swades Moment Of My Life: IPS Officer On Video Of Her Helping 70-Yr-Old Get Power Connection In Up

Mumbai: IPS officer Anukriti Sharma shared a video of her helping an elderly woman get a power connection in UP, which went viral on Twitter.

In that moment, not just the house lit up but the woman’s face also lit up. Noor Jahan hugged the IPS officer and was full of happiness

“Swades moment of my life. Getting electricity connection to Noorjahan aunty’s house literally felt like bringing light into her life. The smile on her face was immensely satisfying. Thank u SHO Jitendra ji & the entire team for all the support,” Sharma wrote as she shared the iconic video on her Twitter account.

Here is the viral video:

In the video, you can see the lady’s face illuminating as electricity came on and the bulb turned on. The police staff turned on a fan and made sense of for her how to utilize it by connecting it to an attachment. The older lady was likewise offered desserts by the police faculty.

Since being uploaded, the video has gathered over 900K views. A twitter mentioned, “A similar small incident happened, due to cyclone in Gujarat electricity gone then everywhere they restart power supply but one aunty’s home left behind even after 10 days,she told me and I complain in @PaschimGujVCL , within 2 hour electricity started. That smile on her face.”

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