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West Bengal: 100-Yr-Old Man Remarries 90-Yr-Old Wife To Celebrate 100th B’day

Mumbai: Biswanath Sarkar, a resident of a remote village from West Bengal, remarried his 90-year-old wife Surodhwani Sarkar to celebrate his 100th birthday. The couple’s six children, 23 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren planned the wedding, the Hindustan Times reported.

And the credit for the idea goes to the couple’s children and grandchildren, who wanted to do something special for Biswanath when he turned 100.

On Wednesday, Vishwanath remarried his 90-year-old wife Surodhwani in a lavish wedding arranged by their six children, 23 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The couple’s daughter-in-law said that she got the idea of ​​remarriage when she saw something similar on social media a few months back.

When she talked to his family members about this, everyone was aboard. The couple’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who live in other states, returned to the village to celebrate the occasion.

“The bride comes to the groom’s family. So, we planned it accordingly. Our grandparents may live in Beniyapukur village of Jiaganj, but our ancestral home is in Bamuniya village, which is about five kilometres away. My grandmother was taken there two days ago,” said Pinto Mondol, one of the grandsons.

The granddaughters were responsible for grooming the bride, while the grandson prepared the groom. After this, the groom went to Bamuniya on a horse carriage to bring his bride home and fireworks were fired as soon as she reached.

The couple wore dhoti-kurta and saree and exchanged garlands made of currency notes. Later a grand dinner was organized and the neighbours of the family were also invited.

(With Hindustan Times Inputs) 

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