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Ukrainians Block Movement Of Russian Tanks That Stopped To Seek Directions

Mumbai: Hundreds of unarmed Ukrainian locals surrounded Russian tanks on the outskirts of Koryukivka in Ukraine after the Russian soldiers stopped to ask for directions on Monday.

Videos of the incident showed Ukrainian men and women standing in front of the tanks and blocking their movement.

A video shared by the AFP news agency is going viral on Twitter in which hundreds of locals can be seen blocking the way for Russian tanks in northern Ukraine.

According to reports, Russian soldiers in tanks stopped to ask for directions and were surrounded by locals to prevent them from moving towards Kyiv.

It happened on the outskirts of the city of Koryukivka in the Chernihiv region, where people are blocking the movement of Russian troops.

The video has garnered 135k views, 2000 likes and 800 retweets in a matter of hours.

Satellite images taken on Sunday showed a large deployment of Russian ground forces, including tanks, moving in the direction of Kyiv, some 64 kilometers away, a private US company said on Monday.

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