“We Express Everything But Over tTme We Have Grown To Understand Our Silences Even Deeper” Says Actress Seerat Kapoor On Rakshabandhan

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Mumbai: Rakshabandhan is not only a festival but also a thread that brings siblings and family closer. Seerat Kapoor is known as a talented actor in the Bollywood and South fraternity, but on her personal side, she is also a protective, loving and caring sister. The actress also shares her fond moments and memories with her elder brother, Varun Kapoor. The strong and deep bond that Seerat and her brother share is truly amazing!!!

The actress explained how her brother’s guidance helped Seerat learn and develop personally, significantly altering her.

She states, “My brother Varun Kapoor is a graphic designer and a fine artist by profession.” He has this incredible quality of seeing reality for what it is and own his individual identity honestly. He inspires me to believe in the endless possibilities of life and explore the magic of creativity”.

On talking further about how she balances her professional duties with spending time with her brother, she says, “We respect our work schedules equally.” Rather than worrying about taking time out, we spend the time we share together wholly present in the moment and mindfully”.

On revealing if either have ever helped keep secrets to have each other’s back she replied “Funnily, I don’t remember us ever wording it out like that.” We express everything, but we have grown to understand our silences even deeper over time. He’s extremely perceptive and sensitive to my mood and how I’m feeling. I have learned not to question it. I could put up the bravest front on a difficult day, but somehow he just always knows!”.
The actress also discusses the significance of Rakshabandhan in her life, and her reaction will astound you all Seerat says, “We believe it’s a feeling. One that lives within us every other day”.

In terms of her professional career, Seerat Kapoor will debut in Maarich, a major Bollywood film, opposite Tushar Kapoor and Nasiruddin Shah. Keep checking back for further developments.

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