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Winning Hearts With His Compassion And Love For People Is A Passionate Youngster – Srimaan Ramachandra Raja

His unaverred passion for doing the good to others led him to initiate 'Shree Welfare Foundation'

The closer we look around us, the more we see how different industries and sectors have been on the rise. Seeing this constant development, one wonders what could’ve been the reasons behind the same. While there is no denying the contributions of technological advances, one also cannot go without thanking the relentless drive and commitment of young individuals who make sure to flourish their respective industries much more. On the one hand, we see the rise of such industries, and on the other hand, a few youngsters choose to do the unusual and come forward as humble and generous human beings to benefit society at large with their good deeds. One such young and compassionate man is Srimaan Ramachandra Raja.

Who is Srimaan Ramachandra Raja, you ask? Well, unlike other youngsters who are chasing their dreams in business, this young talent is giving his all to serve people, especially now when the world fights a global pandemic. He lives with the purpose to make that change that society needs and wants to give purpose and happiness to all those whose lives he touches along his path.

To be a ray of hope to others in times of need and work for their betterment, Srimaan initiated his own foundation named ‘Shree Welfare Foundation’, to provide people with the peace ad fulfilment they are in search of. The MBA graduate from Rajapalayam was born in Chennai and brought up in Rajapalayam. Srimaan also is the one who was appointed to the Sansad Ratna Awards Committee and even served as a Director and Vice-Chairperson for G20 Global Summit.

Recently, Srimaan contributed 2.5 lakhs for students. Not just that, this selfless man works with genuine efforts for widows by helping them develop different skills like stitching and the like to make them self-sufficient. He doubled his efforts to reach more people in such grave times and contribute his bit like free food to Covid patients in government hospitals and food packs and refreshments to police officers working incessantly to serve people.

For his interest in politics, Srimaan joined the NSUI National Students Union of India, becoming the Vice President under the leadership of Manickam Tagore MP. The list of his good deeds is a long one; however, a few of them include him providing school fees of more than 2.5 lakhs for over 20 underprivileged children, medical assistance of 6 lakhs through his NGO, and in Delhi, serving food to the farmers during their protest.

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja seems to stop for none. In fact, his genuine efforts have inspired many others to come forward and work for people and society at large. Kudos to him.

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