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2 Sisters Mistakenly Marry Each Other’s Grooms After Power Failure In MP

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Mumbai: Two sisters who were getting married on the same day in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, accidentally married the wrong grooms due to a power failure.

Since both the brides were in veils and wearing similar dresses, they happened to perform the wedding ceremony with the wrong grooms.

The family came to know about this when the brides reached their in-laws’ house. The in-laws and the guests were stunned to see this exchange of the bride, which led to a big dispute between the families of the bride and groom.

However, later both the families came to an agreement and the mistake made during the vow was rectified.

The incident took place in Aslana village of Ujjain district when Rameshlal’s two daughters Nikita and Karishma were getting married to Dangwara Bhola and Ganesh, who are two youths from different families.

Since the brides were in veils and had no power, things got mixed up, as both brides wore similar clothes. So no one came to know about this during the wedding rituals. The wedding pundit also rotated the groom along with the ‘changed’ brides.

The mix-up was realised later when the grooms took their brides home. Following a brief dispute, a settlement was reached.

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