Artium Academy Unveils New Brand Film ‘Ab India Seekhega Music’ Featuring India’s Renowned Music Maestros

  • The new brand campaign led by Sonu Nigam, Patron-in-Chief of Artium Academy will go live on digital and social media on 29th March; film encourages Indians across the world to learn music from the best at the online academy without the distractions of any geographical, linguistic or cultural barriers

Artium Academy, a music-tech platform that wants to establish the Gold Standard in Music Education is launching it’s new brand film titled ‘Ab India Seekhega Music‘ across digital and social media on March 29. The film, featuring eminent music virtuosos like Sonu Nigam, K S Chithra, Shubha Mudgal, Aruna Sairam, Louis Banks, Raju Singh, and Ananth Vaidyanathan, invites Indians from across the world to pursue their passion for music and learn from the country’s best singers, music composers and voice experts.

Ab India Seekhega Music

Artium Academy was founded in 2021 to bring together India’s maestros who became part of an academic board, design the curriculum and associate with Artium’s highly advanced music-tech platform where they can share their knowledge and expertise in the art form with all Indians.

In the new brand film, India’s music legends are seen introducing the talents and skills of their contemporaries as they invite aspiring Learners to imagine how fruitful their stint at the academy would be under their tutelage and guidance. The online format of the academy allows people from across the world to learn and create music without the distractions of any geographical, linguistic or cultural barriers. Students of all age groups can attend the live and instructor-led classes on Artium Academy’s digital classroom, taught by highly qualified and certified music teachers.

Indian Music education through structured institutions is yet to come of age. Most of my learning has happened on the job, and all my esteemed colleagues at Artium will agree that they too have developed far beyond their formal music education, through awareness and experience. It is this rich and relevant learning that we have brought into the design of Artium’s teaching methods, courses, and teacher training. With the aid of technological innovation and managerial acumen, Artium is well on the path to delivering its promise. Ab India Zaroor Seekhega Music!!” said Sonu Nigam, Patron-in-chief at Artium Academy.

Technology will enable online music education to not just match up to the power of offline training but enhance learner experience. At Artium, we are using cutting-edge technology to provide holistic music education where our learning management system, progress assessment, and virtual concerts provide learners with a value chain from learning to application,” said Ashish Joshi Founder & CEO Artium Academy.

In our new brand film, it is the first time that all music maestros are appearing at once. With this, we want to celebrate their passion, creativity, and commitment to music learners, while ensuring that we, at Artium, provide top-notch music education to learners across the globe,” said Vivek Raicha, Co-founder, Artium Academy.

Artium Academy is an integrated music technology platform that enables the journey from a learner to a creator to an influencer in Music. On the learning side, Artium offers standardized curriculum taught by top-tier exclusive instructors through 1:1 live class, Masterclasses by Music maestros and a practice studio to enable supplemental training and guided practice. Its digital classroom is embedded with tools to elevate the online learning experience coupled with a vast library of content resources for reference. Since Artium promises outcome-based learning, it has also launched Artium Originals to promote some of its learners and teachers by creating and distributing their original music content across various digital platforms.

Artium Academy’s performance-based vocal and instrumental courses include Hindustani Classical, Carnatic, Western vocal, Popular and Film Music, Karaoke and Stage skills etc., Piano, Guitar and Tabla which are designed and certified by its legendary faculty comprising Sonu Nigam, K S Chithra, Shubha Mudgal, Aruna Sairam, Louis Banks, Raju Singh, Gino Banks, Aneesh Pradhan and Ananth Vaidyanathan, who have all come together to form Artium’s Academic Board.

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