By 2026 No Hindu Will Remain In Assam Congress: Himanta Sarma

Mumbai: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma made a harsh attack on the Congress party ahead of the nation’s Lok Sabha elections, claiming that Hindus will no longer be members of the Assam Congress by 2026.

“There will be no more Hindus in the Assam Congress by 2026, and by 2032, nearly all Muslims will have left the Congress. We will open a branch at Rajiv Bhawan as Mahanagar BJP. Many Congress leaders will join the BJP tomorrow.”

“The statement by the Assam Chief Minister was made as he visited the state BJP headquarters in Guwahati on Saturday and attended a crucial meeting to take stock of the preparedness for Lok Sabha polls.”

“The Prabharis representing 126 assembly seats convened at the state BJP headquarters in Guwahati. On Saturday, three Congressmen became members of the BJP. On Sunday, more people will join the BJP. Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma stated, “I’m going to Majuli, and my election campaign will kick off there on April 1 with a cycling rally.”

“I am trying to work to reform their society,” the Chief Minister of Assam stated, addressing the well-being of Muslim society in the state. As you can see on Facebook, a large number of Muslim kids are supporting me, and they are all happy about it. Nobody is against it.

However, in reference to the Jorhat parliamentary constituency, the Chief Minister of Assam declared that the BJP would secure the seat.

“Someone is attempting to incite animosity towards me, but the truth on the ground is different,” he continued.

Himanta Biswa Sarma questioned why two of the Congress candidate Gaurav Gogoi’s left and right hands had defected from the party to the BJP, knowing full well that they had no chance of winning.

He said that because the people are the political parties’ superiors, the parties must ask for their favour.

In 105 of the state’s 126 assembly constituencies, the BJP will assume the lead. The CM continued, “I have every confidence that voters will choose us in light of the government’s development efforts.”

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