CPI Chief: Defeat BJP To Save Country And Constitution

Mumbai: The BJP should be defeated to save the country and the Constitution, and a new government should come that represents secular and democratic values, CPI general secretary D Raja has said.

Addressing the CPI National Council meeting in Hyderabad, Telangana, Raja stated that the Opposition INDIA bloc issued the call “Desh bachao, BJP hatao”.

He stated that the current challenge is to fight the BJP and remove them from power.

“As we approach Parliamentary elections, we must tackle this challenge. In the parliamentary elections, we should ensure that the BJP is defeated and removed from power and that secular, democratic parties win the elections and a new government is formed. “The current regime should be replaced by a new government that represents secular, democratic values and acts in accordance with the Constitution,” stated the top CPI leader.

“We shall have elections to the Parliament. If Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) returns, what will happen to the country and its future? That is why we, the CPI, as members of the INDIA alliance, have been saying we must rescue the country and the Constitution. “If we want to save the country and the Constitution, we must defeat the BJP,” Raja stated.

“As Communists, we should fight to liberate the nation from BJP raj (rule),” he went on to say.

Raja claimed that under the Modi government, the economy is in “shambles” and the unemployment rate in the country is “worrisome.”

He further said that the Modi government does not care about workers, farmers, young, or women and that it only serves the interests of large corporations and businesses.

He charged the Modi government with eroding the Constitution, democracy, and the secular foundation of our society.

“The Modi government is eroding the constitution. India is a secular democratic republic, not a theocratic country. The Modi government is destroying our Constitution’s essential ideals. “The Modi government is acting as a government of corporations,” he claimed.

Referring to the suspension of (opposition) MPs during the previous session of Parliament, Raja said “The Opposition has the right to question the government and criticize the policies of the government. If Parliament becomes minus opposition, if Parliament becomes redundant then democracy dies. What Modi is trying today is to eliminate democracy and establish a fascist order, a dictatorship.”

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