Creativity And Imagination Enhance The Beauty Of A Good Photograph: Aesana Bhuta

Mumbai: “Capturing moments from today…Creating memories for a lifetime,” if Aesana Bhuta’s career had to be summed up in one line, this would be apt.

Aesana Bhuta is a science professional, who amalgamates the principles with the creative direction in the field of photography. She has mastered the skills in photography from a reputed organization. 

Aesana’s key skills in photography are fashion, beauty, editorial advertorial campaigns and celebrity. Her work profile encapsulates her strong base with the entertainment industry.

Aesana has worked with professional models, TV artists, and a couple of renowned faces from the film industry which makes the girth of her experience potentially strong.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Prevalent India, she spoke about her journey and various photography skills. 

 How has your journey been as a freelancer till now?

The journey so far as a freelancer has been beautiful. I have learned how to withstand tricky situations & have climbed the ladder to growth with the support of my teams entirely. I am grateful to them.

Give us a brief background on your photography skills?

Photography was less of a dream, more of a hobby during childhood but it became a part of my life in the youth years. I mastered my skills in photography from a renowned institute & have been enjoying the art of freezing advertorial portraits ever since in the diverse glamour & entertainment industry.

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

The most challenging part is to analyze the encapsulated theme from the perspective of the audience without compromising on creative direction whilst restricting the overflow of the budget during implementation.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

A balance of creative direction, synchronized colour palettes & eye-catching, elegant aesthetics coupled with concreteness strikes the eye as a good picture.

What, in your opinion, is most important to consider while shooting portrait pictures?

The mood, the play of lights, the makeup, the styling are few of the most integral factors. The wave of frequency or comfort between the photographer & the muse is majorly important.

How do you as a photographer make sure that the thing, person, or landscape you want to shoot looks the way you want it to? 

I refrain from restricting the frame I want to shoot in as a photographer. Creativity & experimentation on the spur hits best for me.

Being a social media strategist, Which social media channels do you recommend for any business, and why?

I would like to recommend LinkedIn & Instagram for business/career development. These platforms hold a tangential network & help in striking the chords professionally in a systematic order for all lines of the profession.

Does Social Media have a huge target audience compared to television? What are your thoughts?

 I believe the audience exists at par for both mediums. Social media paparazzi brings in admiration for the industry & its ventures whilst industry augments the channelling growth in charts for media thus settling scores cordially.

What are your thoughts on current social media platforms? Does it really help youth to get a job? 

The platforms have grown even more diverse in the matters of exposure over the years. I think the approach to using any platform & brainstorming work strategies is instrumental on a key level for seeking a job.

Any tips you would like to give our readers to grow their business through Social media?

I would just say amalgamating hard work in the execution of work with consistency in high-quality visual presence online can work wonders.

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