Meet Nikhil And Satyam, Who Brings A Smile On Millions Of Faces Through Their Social Media Page “No One Cares”

Mumbai: Two young boys, Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri are positioned as the founders of a social media page “No One Cares”. Within 2 years these boys from different states managed to gather a large family of 25+ million followers.

Brainchild (NOC) of these guys in their early 20’s is a social media platform aiming to bring much-needed change in the society by sharing motivational and inspiring content.

This concept emphasizes the Happiness index of people around the world. Their tagline calls”No One Cares But We Do.”

Satyam was born in Seoni-Malwa, Madhya Pradesh and Nikhil were born in Pune, Maharashtra. Both founders met on Facebook 3 years back. The friendship soon turned into entrepreneurship.

They have been the Digital Media Partners for Bollywood movies and they have also worked for Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB which came out to be a blockbuster of the year. When things were going smooth, they decided to try their luck in Hollywood. Their logo has already been shown as Title Digital Partner for the movie ‘Hunter Killer.’

In an interview with TheChronicle, Nikhil and Satyam spoke about how “No one cares” is helping the young generation to endure the strength to face day to day life problems. They believe in “TODAY” and “NOW” as what we do today is what will decide our future.

They feel NOC impacts people’s lives. With increasing population, life problems are also increasing. NOC has solved their problems with receiving thousands of messages from 26 million hearts.

What influenced you both to come up with this work content?

Initially, we were both handling a lot of pages that were related to Jokes, Fashion, Food and different niche. But we were not getting much success in growing our respective pages with that content. When we met online through facebook we got to know that we have been facing the same issue and at the same time. Then on 30th may 2016 we started “No One Cares” to make people realise that there are problems in the world and you’re not the only one who is facing them.

How it feels, to be known by so many people?

Every time when people meet us they don’t talk about us they only talk about our work and how our content is seen everywhere and helping people to live a happy life.

What are your further plans with NOC? Is career-wise?

NOC is under the company “Psifiako Media” which is founded by both of us, and we are now working full time only towards “No One Cares”, we have set up our own office in Pune and soon we are planning to expand it.

In what way you both individually contribute towards NOC? Like different minds have different ideas?

Well, we both contribute equally, most of the time Nikhil contributes fully to the content that is distributed across the community and whereas Satyam does the same with handling all business related stuff.

What are your expectations from NOC?

We never expected anything from “No One Cares” as we started this to make a change and impact on people’s life, at the end of the day if a small word from us can make a single person smile that is what we expect the most.

How was life before fame ? Is there any difference?

Before fame:
We used to live a normal life like everyone does, doing our studies, hanging out with friends and family and sleep as much as we can. Relatives used to ask always what you’re gonna do in your life blah blah and stuff like that.

After fame:
We are now known for our work. Almost all our friends, family and relatives praise us every time when they see us. Some people ask us to meet just to take a selfie with them. And most importantly it makes our parent’s proud.

In what way do you think NOC can bring change to our nation ?

Well with NOC we are aiming to bring a change in our youth, who daily go through problems like breakups, betrayals, depression and many more problems that our today’s youth has to face and we want to make them consume our content and hopefully many youth is being benefited, they are changing and in future we will change the mindset of many youth towards their lovely life and carrier.

Any message you want to give to our youth ?

Our message to youth is that “You’re not alone, there are people who genuinely care for you. Find them and you’ll never find a reason to be disappointed again.”

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