“Entire Political Science Is Definitely A Real Degre,” Congress

Mumbai: Attacking the BJP Congress disrupts the policies led by the BJP Government. Congress party tweeted saying, “Demonetisation didn’t lead to job loss,” Although it had taken the jobs of thousands when it came into action.

It is not only the factor which hit India’s economy but somewhere it slows down it. Economy watchers held that demonetisation hit the unorganised sector the hardest causing loss of jobs and initiating a spiral effect in which consumption declined due to loss of earning, particularly in villages.

While mentioning the policy of GST, Congress tweeted, “BJP’s GST didn’t lead to revenue shortfall” But it had increased the price of some commodities. The tax rate has also been increased for many products, thus increasing their costs. Some sector is at a loss- Sectors like Textile, Media, Pharma, Dairy Products, IT and Telecom are bearing the brunt of a higher tax.

Lastly, it also claimed that the BJP had the real political degree, “Demonetisation didn’t lead to job loss. “BJP’s GST didn’t lead to a revenue shortfall. And, Entire Political Science is definitely a real degree,” Congress tweeted.

The entire tweet was demonstrating that the policies made by the BJP are lacking somewhere and making a direct impact on the economy of India.

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