Got A Call From PM’s Office: Congress Leader’s Wife On Why Son Anil Antony Joined BJP

Mumbai: Congress leader AK Antony’s wife Elizabeth has said she was aware of son Anil Antony’s decision to resign from the Congress and join the BJP

“Anil’s greatest aspiration was to enter politics. However, his dream faced a significant obstacle when the Congress passed a resolution against dynasty politics during the Chintan Shivir. This meant that my son, now 39 years old, had to consider his future carefully. One day, he called me and informed me that the PMO had contacted him, inviting him to join the BJP. While we have deep-rooted beliefs in the INC, having dedicated our lives to the party, we found ourselves at a crossroads,” AK Antony’s wife said.

Anil Antony assured his mother that joining the BJP would provide him with wonderful possibilities.

According to his mother in the video, intercessory prayers were the reason why Anil Antony received the fresh political opportunity. Changing from the Congress to the BJP brought up some issues within the family as well. She claimed that the prayers also helped with those issues.

Regarding her political views, she claimed that although she had disdain for the BJP, prayers had caused her to reconsider, and she had protected her son’s choice even from his father. The only way AK Antony learned about the development was through television. There is now no animosity between the father and son, although AK Antony advised Anil to refrain from discussing politics at home.

Anil Antony joined the BJP in April of this year and criticized a portion of the Congress leadership for “serving the interests of a single family” rather than the nation. Anil oversaw Kerala’s digital media division for the Congress.

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