I Have To Use My Voice To Educate People About Climate Change Says Actor And Climate Activist Bhumi Pednekar

Mumbai: Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar is an environmentally conscious citizen who has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians. Bhumi has launched a lauded online and offline initiative called Climate Warrior through which she is mobilizing citizens of India to contribute towards protecting the environment. This initiative turns a year old and it’s making all the right noise towards climate protection.

Bhumi reveals that she was environmentally conscious since her childhood. “I had this fear and it started from my childhood, ‘oh what would happen to this world! What would happen to this world when the water dries up?’ That was my first question in my head. So, I started reading up on climate change. I have always been conscious, tried to have a sustainable style of living, especially since I became an adult. But then I realized I wasn’t really doing enough and that’s when I started Climate Warrior,” she says.

The versatile actress has made a name for herself through her brilliant acting skills and her hit record at the box office and she wants to use her stardom to educate people about climate change. Bhumi says, “I have become an actor. I have the power to reach out to so many people and I have always tried doing that through my cinema. I was like I have to use my voice, my social media platforms to make a positive change in the world and educate people about climate change!”

Bhumi feels every individual must participate in raising community awareness towards environmental protection. “When we speak about love for our family, when we speak about our love for our nation, do we actually mean all this because we should be doing more to protect our families and our nation and our future generations. These were all the looming questions in my head and you know that’s when I realized that I should start Climate Warrior. It is a platform where I propagate advocacy and I am trying to create as much awareness as possible. People need to know that climate change is real! The idea is to bring about a change at an individual level.”

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