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Keeping my resignation ready, tell me if you want me to quit: Maharashtra CM to rebel MLAs

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Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said on Wednesday that he was keeping his resignation ready, but urged the rebel MLAs to come and say that they do not trust him.

However, he also said that he will take over someone from Shiv Sena after resigning from the chief minister’s post.

Addressing the state through Facebook Live session, Thackeray said that Shiv Sena will never give up Hindutva and this is what Balasaheb Thackeray had taught to party functionaries.

“It is not about numbers, but how many are against me. If even one person or MLA is against me, I will leave. If even a single MLA is against me, it is very shameful for me. If my own people don’t want me as CM, if any MLA says they don’t want me as CM. I will resign immediately… I will go to Matoshree by Varsha.”

“But come face to face and tell me, why go to Surat. I am not someone who will fight for the chair.”

“Those who think that I am unable to lead the Shiv Sena should come to me. I am ready to quit this role as well.”

“They say I don’t meet people. I had my first cabinet meeting from the hospital. After recovering from spine surgery, I am meeting people.

“I didn’t have any experience but I took the responsibility of the chief minister’s post.

Congress and NCP, with whom we fought for 25-30 years, became our allies. During a call with Sharad Pawar, he asked me to play the role of CM as there were senior people in both the parties. So far everyone has given their support. The administration has done a great job.”

Some MLAs are calling us to say they have been taken away to Surat forcibly, but don’t want to get into that.

There is strong talk in the state that Thackeray, who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier in the day, is in turmoil after rebel army leader Eknath Shinde’s flight to Assam with over 30 MLAs where BJP is in power. The rebel camp had left Maharashtra a day earlier for another BJP-ruled state of Gujarat, where it remained in Surat for almost a day.

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