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You Are Stuck On 2029, I’m Preparing For 2047: PM Narendra Modi

Mumbai: In his first public speech since the Lok Sabha 2024 election dates were announced, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he has begun getting ready to win the forthcoming elections as well.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) was also commended by PM Modi for its “tough and unwavering” anti-corruption efforts. He made fun of the opposition parties by claiming that they are concerned about the extraordinary activities taken by the inquiry agency.

PM Modi spoke about a number of important topics during the India Today Conclave 2024 session titled “Redefining Bharat,” including startups, the digital revolution, women’s empowerment, and the international project “One Earth One Health.”

In response to comments regarding the general election preparations for 2029, Prime Minister Modi declared, “You got stuck on 2029, I am preparing for 2047,” to raucous applause from the crowd.

The country’s prime minister praised the rise in startups, pointing out that they are present in more than 600 districts, saying, “Till 10 years ago, there were hardly 100 startups.” Currently, 1.25 lakh startups have registered. Throughout addition to their sheer number, India’s startup scene is notable for its presence throughout over 600 districts, or 90% of the nation’s total land area.”

“As the Prime Minister, I have visited the northeastern states more than combined tours done by all other Prime Ministers of the country,” said PM Modi, highlighting the 680 visits made by members of his Cabinet to the region since 2014.

In an effort to combat the social stigma associated with women operating tractors, Prime Minister Modi revealed that he gave agricultural drones to females in rural areas, saying, “Even today, when daughters drive tractors in villages, it surprises people.” I desired to destroy this mentality. I wanted to demonstrate that daughters are as capable of flying drones.

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