Lord Ram’s Idol To Be Installed At Ayodhya Temple On Jan 22: RSS Chief Bhagwat

Mumbai: Mohan Bhagwat, the president of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), informed that the idol of Lord Ram would be erected in the Ayodhya temple on January 22. He continued by saying that Indians can plan celebrations at temples all around the nation on that day.

Speaking at the RSS’s annual Vijayadashmi Utsav at Nagpur’s Reshimbaug Ground, Bhagwat added that the world is now turning to India to help it solve its issues. On Tuesday, Bhagwat also conducted the “Shastra Pooja.”

“Lord Ram’s temple is being constructed in Ayodhya.On January 22, the temple will host the installation of Lord Ram, an idol.We may hold events at all of our temples across the nation on that day,” he stated, according to ANI news.

He issued a warning against “some people both abroad and in the country” who oppose India’s advancement.

“Cultural Marxists woke, or the awakened ones are the names given to these destructive, all-devouring forces. But Marx has been forgotten by them. They are against all forms of morality and order, as well as beneficence, culture, dignity, and moderation. They reward anarchy and indiscretion and expand it so that a small number of individuals may rule over the whole human species. Their strategy is seizing control of academics and the media in order to spread uncertainty, anarchy, and corruption across politics, education, culture, and the social environment. Such an environment enables the creation of a vicious cycle of fear, confusion and hatred,” Bhagwat said.

Bhagwat praised the government for successfully hosting the G20 Summit and said it had established India’s standing in the world.

“Every year, India’s pride is increasing in the world. The G20 summit held here (in India) was special. The hospitality of Indians was praised. People from different countries experienced our diversity. They saw our diplomatic skills as well as our honest goodwill. Our leadership gave India a place in the world.”

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