Russia Denies Reports Of Putin Suffering Cardiac Arrest, Says He’s ‘Fit & Well

Mumbai: Russia has denied reports of President Vladimir Putin suffering a cardiac arrest and said that he is ‘fit and well’. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also denied reports that Putin was using ‘body doubles’ due to poor health and called it an “absurd hoax”.

This is in response to a Russian Telegram channel’s unsourced rumor, which was taken up by certain Western media, claiming that the president had experienced a major health episode on Sunday night. Vladimir Putin, who turned seventy-one on October 7, recently traveled to China and stopped at two Russian towns en route.

According to many sources citing the Telegram channel “General SVR,” Vladimir Putin was discovered unconscious on his bedroom floor by his security guards at about nine o’clock at night.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s security guards were on duty at the mansion when they heard noises and the sound of falling from the president’s bedroom at around 21:05 Moscow time. Putin was discovered laying on the floor close to the bed and an overturned table filled with food and beverages by the two security guards who had entered the president’s bedroom right once,” the report stated.

“Probably, when the president fell, he hit the table and dishes and knocked them onto the floor, which caused the noise. Putin convulsively arched while lying on the floor, rolling his eyes. The doctors who were on duty at the residence and located in one of the adjacent rooms were immediately called,” the channel’s statement read as per reports.

In a 2020 interview, Putin refuted persistent claims that he employs body doubles, however, he did admit that he had previously been given the opportunity to do so for security concerns.

Peskov said that Putin was in outstanding health and called allegations of body doubles “yet another lie” in April of this year.

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