Rahul Gandhi Urged PM Modi To Keep India’s Unique Situation In Mind, As Government May Have To Extend The Lockdown Further

Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urging India’s conditions to be kept in mind, “taking different steps compared to other big countries that are following a total lockdown strategy.”

The Wayanad MP further said that this needs attention as he suspects that the government may have to extend the lockdown period further.

“The world is forced to take immediate, urgent measures to prevent the rapid spread of the Kovid-19 virus and India is currently in the midst of a three-week lockdown. I doubt the government will eventually push it even further. It is critical for us to understand that India’s conditions are unique. We will be required to take different steps than other large countries who are following a total lockdown strategy,” Gandhi’s letter read.

“The number of poor people in India who depend on a daily income is simply too large for us to unilaterally cease all economic activity. The consequences of a complete economic shutdown will devastatingly increase deaths arising from Cidid-19,” it added.

Gandhi urged the government to “consider a nuanced approach that takes into account the complex realities of our people. Our priority is to protect and isolate the elderly and vulnerable from the virus and to clearly and strongly communicate to the young the dangers of proximity to older people.”

Gandhi said that the Center should provide assistance and direct financial assistance to migrant workers and labourers struggling to return to their places of origin from big cities after the lockout in the country.

Gandhi said that the Centre should provide help to the migrant workers and labourers struggling to return to their native places from big cities after the lockdown was imposed in the country by providing them assistance and direct financial help.

“It is also absolutely critical that we establish a defensive wall around our major financial and strategic institutions to protect them from the shock wave that is bound to come as the real impact of the virus and our economic Close kills us a few weeks from now. Our informal economy and vast network of small and medium businesses and farmers are going to be critical to any reconstruction effort. It is important that we engage them in a conversation, build their confidence and protect their interests with the right and timely action, ”the letter added.
The Congress leader said, “We stand with the government to fight and overcome this tremendous challenge.”

This rose to 979 as of the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country on Sunday, according to the Union Ministry of Health.

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