‘Tie Up, Beat Up’ Those For Toppling Govt: Revanth

Mumbai: Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy on Friday, 2 February, slammed BRS leaders for their statements about bringing down his government in three to six months.

He slammed the BRS and its president K Chandrashekar Rao when he launched the Lok Sabha election campaign in Indervelli, Adilabad district.

He said: “Who can pull down our government? Will you (people) allow it if the BRS tries to overthrow our dispensation? Drive them away if they come into your midst and say that the days of the Congress government in the state are numbered.”

He put forth some other ideas to deal with such people: “Tie them to neem trees and beat them up. Put garden lizards in their trousers.”

Revanth criticized the BRS for failing to fill government posts.

“We recently filled staff nursing positions. We have therefore emboldened them. “We will take steps to fill 15,000 constable positions within the next 15 days,” stated the chief minister.

“When KCR was in charge, he didn’t care about them when their recruitment hit stumbling blocks due to legal action. But as soon as I took over, I called the DGP and requested him to ensure that the court stays were lifted,” he explained.

Revanth also asked people to vote for the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, as this is the only way to ensure Telangana’s interests are protected.

“If you elect BRS candidates, KCR will pledge them with the BJP at the centre,” he told the crowd.

This was a continuation of the Congress and BRS’s accusations that the other was secretly working with the BJP.

In his brief but cutting statement, the chief minister spared neither the BJP nor the BRS, claiming they were led by “Modi and KD”.

He claimed that much as Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to keep his various pledges to the public, BRS supremo K Chandrashekar Rao overlooked people’s interests, particularly tribals, in his drive to feather his own nest.

“Unemployment is prevalent. But KCR’s son, daughter, and nephew have positions of authority,” he claimed, adding that the KCR family has looted the state in the same way that wild boars eat sugarcane in fields.

He claimed the BRS government had buried the state beneath a mountain of debt.

“When KCR left office, the state’s debt was ₹7 lakh crore.” When in power, KCR never considered Telangana or its people. He never considered the irrigation demands of farmers in the Adilabad district. Despite the KCR family’s ₹40,000 crore investment in Mission Bhagiratha, residents in the area still lack access to clean water, according to the speaker.

“When I was flying over Adilabad, the district appeared to wear a desolate look, with long dry stretches of land without water. We could see people digging borewells,” he said.

Revanth promised that he would change the face of the Adilabad district by adopting it. “I will get Thummidihetti, Sadarmutt Anicut, and repairs to Kadam barrage,” he said.

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