Actor Boman Irani Has Taken A Total Of 50 Online Screen Screening Sessions So Far Under Spiral Bound

Mumbai: We all know that actor Boman Irani is a very talented person and an inspiration to many people. He has ruled millions of hearts with his brilliant performance and now through Spiral Bound, he is teaching screenwriters from every corner of the country to sit with him and learn the specifics of screenwriting.

As per reports during this lockdown, Boman Irani started an online screenwriting session, and this session connects about 70 people across the country daily. This session can be easily attended every day.

Boman Irani believes that “Spiral bound has become a very important part of my life. I started this offline session with 2 or 3 screen rehearsals who wanted to discuss their ideas with me. Later More and more people started joining and now more than 75 people are participating in this session every day. It is an interactive session where we share our knowledge and knowledge of screenwriting. It has been an incredible journey for me.”

Bowman adds that “It starts with a story and if you have the right screenplay, then it becomes even easier to create a great film or entertainment-related content. I am a student of art but I want to master it. And I want to help many such intelligent people. “

Spiral Bound’s first workshop was organized by Alexander, who is also the screenwriter of the Oscar-winning film Batman and a dear friend of Boman Irani who also posted about the launch of Boman Irani’s production house Irani Movietone.

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