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“Aware Of IAF Commander Abhinandan Destroyed Pakistan’s F 16,” Defence Minister Sitharaman

Mumbai: In New Delhi, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in a program, ‘Yes, we know’, when asked about the identification of Pakistan’s fighter pilot, she did not say this further.

Defence Minister went on record for the pinpoint of Pakistan’s aircraft pilot of the F-16 which was brought down during the conflict by India’s MIG 21, Pilot by IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

F 16 is an aircraft that was given to Pakistan by The The US on a rental basis so that to fight terrorism but Pakistan misusing used it to counter India.

Pakistan has been continuously neglecting the fact that F 16 was used during the conflict over Jammu and Kashmir airspace airstrike.

However, the Ministry of External affairs, IAF has given enough evidence to prove that F 16 was used.

It says, there are an eyewitness, electronic shreds of evidence that shows Pakistan has used F 16 jet which was shot and downed by IAF Wing Commander.

India has shown the AMRAAM missile as evidence to the media. AMRAAM can only be used from F 16 which gets into a major proof of using F 16.

MEA has issued with The US so that to cross-examine whether F 16 was used in restrict of the terms and conditions of sale of the Jet.

On February 27, IAF MIG 21 which is a quite old jet immerse, brought down and destroyed F 16 during an airstrike done by Pakistan into India. The air strike was the revenge of Bombardment done by IAF in Balakot, the biggest terror training centre of Jaish-e-Muhammad.

Wing Commander Abhinandan went on crossing LoC following Pakistan’s jet. He was brought safely after 2 days to India.

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