BJP Use Muslims To Topple Govt, But They Don’t Give Tickets To Them: Ashok Gehlot

Mumbai: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday shouted slogans against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for not giving tickets to Muslims during elections and accused the BJP of using a Muslim leader to topple his government.

Gehlot said, “The BJP does not give tickets to Muslims during elections, but they are used to topple the government.”

The Congress leader on Tuesday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address at the centenary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Gehlot accused the BJP, saying, “I have seen how the Prime Minister spoke sweetly in the AMU. He talked about secularism and many good things. But, does he practice that? There is a difference between his speech and action.”

“Do they (BJP) give tickets to Muslims? There are a lot of seats in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other states, but they do not give tickets to Muslims. Now there is a newly born Zafar Islam whom BJP uses as a tool to topple the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan,” claimed Gehlot.

He further reiterated that President Ram Nath Kovind cannot give time to the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Punjab, and Chhattisgarh to discuss the issue of the ongoing farmers as they may be under pressure.

Gehlot said, “The CMs of the three states sought time from the President to discuss the farmers’ issue on recently enacted agricultural laws, but they did not give them time. Perhaps the President is under pressure.”

“People are upset. But, this government doesn’t care. Instead of working, they are having meetings every day,” he said.

The chief minister accused the central government of passing new farm laws without discussion. Gehlot said, “Democracy is under challenge. Had they debated agricultural bills in Parliament this situation would not have arisen? Now, they are blaming the opposition parties for this uproar.”

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