Citizenship Act Amended To Distract People From Economic Slowdown: Kamal Nath

Mumbai: Madha Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal slammed centre over Citizenship Amendment Bill, said the government was practising divisive politics and using the “politics of distractions” to divert attention from the country’s economic slowdown.

He said, “Whatever is divisive, we will not do it. In any law that divides the society, the Congress will stand for the MP government.” When asked if the MP government will reject like West Bengal and Kerala. the cab.

He also said that before the start of CAB, the right protocol will be held by the Chief Ministers meeting with the government so that their objections and issues can be taken care of.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh said, “The worst part is the politics of distracting, changing the class of people’s imagination. Every time there is an economic recession, a bill is introduced, a decision is taken to distract the people.”

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, two days after it was passed by the Lok Sabha. President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday approved the conversion of this bill into an act.

Nath also said that the changes affecting the country were not “natural”, but “design”. He said that the government is promoting values ​​in society which is not the “ethos” of India.

As per the Act, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians who came to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as of 31 December 2014 due to religious persecution will not be considered illegal immigrants and will be given Indian citizenship.

The Act states that non-Muslim refugees will be granted Indian citizenship after staying in India for five years instead of the prior requirement of 11 years.

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