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Conductor Caught Having Sex Inside Running Bus In UP, Loses Job After Video Goes Viral

Mumbai: A conductor was caught having sex with a woman inside a running roadways bus of Hathras Depot en route to Lucknow. A passenger captured the video of the incident, which went viral on social media.

In the footage, the conductor is seen sitting in the back seat of the bus with the woman, both of them wrapped in blankets and enjoying themselves.

Several passengers were aware of the misbehavior and began videotaping it. Angered by their conduct, the operator got into a furious argument with the passenger who was filming. According to local reports, the incident occurred about ten days ago.

Several passengers noticed the infraction and began recording it. The operator became enraged by their actions and got into a violent argument with the passenger who was filming. According to local reports, the incident occurred roughly 10 days ago.

After the video went viral, the regional transport authority, ARM (Assistant Regional Manager), acted quickly and terminated the driver and conductor’s contracts. The video evidence was key in the decision.

The ARM of Hathras Warehouse, Shashirani, affirmed that the video is roughly 10 days old. In light of a traveler’s protest, the specialists immediately ended the agreements between the driver and guide. Moreover, an examination concerning the whole episode is in progress to find out the all relevant info of the occurrence.

The video doesn’t give explicit insights concerning the area of the occurrence. In any case, one traveler specifies that the Alambagh transport stand is moving in 30 minutes, proposing that the episode probably happened nearby Lucknow. The specialists are viewing the traveler’s objection in a serious way and it is made a to guarantee suitable move.

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