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Having Jesus Christ’s Photo At Home Doesn’t Mean Person Has Converted: Bombay HC

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court’s Nagpur bench has ruled that a person has not become a Christian only because they have a picture of Jesus Christ hanging in their home. An Amravati District Caste challenge has been made by a 17-year-old girl.

The previous ruling by the Certificate Scrutiny Committee disqualified her caste as “Mahar.” It’s evident that the girl’s family practises Buddhism, the judge declared.

According to an article published by PTI, the petitioner’s father and grandparents became Christians, and a picture of Jesus Christ was discovered on display in their home. This led the committee to rule that her caste claim was invalidated.

The committee had said that because they become Christians, they fall under the heading of Other Backward Classes.

The girl petitioner stated that they had recently hung a picture of Jesus Christ in their home, which they claimed was a gift from someone.

In order to support the committee’s claim that the petitioner’s family had become Christians, the HC bench stated in its ruling that it could find not a single piece of evidence—not even a single one—that the grandpa, father, or petitioner had been baptized.

“No sane man will accept or believe that merely because there is a photograph of Jesus Christ in the house would ipso facto mean that a person had converted himself to Christianity,” the judge stated.

“Baptism is a Christian sacrament by which one is received in Church and sometimes given a name, generally involving the candidate is to be anointed with or submerged in water,” it stated.

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