IPL 2024: Gautam Gambhir Reveals Intense Desire To Defeat RCB

Mumbai: Gautam Gambhir has expressed his desire to outshine the RCB, emphasizing that his ambition to triumph over them remains unwavering. Reflecting on Kolkata’s notable victories in IPL history, Gambhir highlighted three memorable wins against RCB.

KKR has won 18 of the 32 games that the two clubs have played so far, giving them a slim advantage. Gambhir mentioned in particular KKR’s massive 222-run total from the league’s start as well as Kolkata’s outstanding bowling effort that held Bengaluru to just 49 runs in the 2017 season.

In a video shared by Star Sports, Gambhir articulated his sentiment, stating, “One team I wanted to beat every time, even in my dreams, was Bangalore.”

He credited this enthusiasm to the RCB’s well-known stature as a team with a roster that included stars like Gayle, Kohli, and De Villiers, as well as its flashy ownership.

Despite RCB’s lack of title victories, Gambhir criticized their perceived sense of entitlement, remarking, “They have not won anything, still thought they have won everything and that attitude I can’t take that.”

While acknowledging the RCB’s lineup’s tremendous batting strength, Gambhir emphasized the reason for his will to defeat them.

He emphasized, “We always knew they were a very strong side and probably the most aggressive batting unit as well.”

Gambhir expressed his aspiration to relive the thrill of defeating RCB on the IPL stage, emphasizing, “If one thing I want out of my IPL career, again go out on the field and beat RCB.”

The anticipation surrounding the rivalry between Gambhir and Kohli, fueled by their intense confrontation during IPL 2023, adds further excitement to the forthcoming clash between RCB and KKR on Thursday.

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