No Helmet, No Fuel Imposed In Kolkata Today: To Continue Till Feb 5

Mumbai: The ‘no helmet, no fuel’ rule for two-wheeler drivers in Kolkata was imposed on Tuesday. The new rule will continue till February 5 as part of efforts to check fatalities because of two-wheeler accidents.

A city police officer said, “No petrol pump in the city will sell petrol on a two-wheeler that comes to a petrol pump without a helmet or rides a pole without a helmet.”

Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma said in an order issued in December, “It has been observed that there have been many instances of two-wheel riders riding without helmets, as well as pillion riders without a helmet have been reported and occurrences of such infringement of rules have increased manifold.”

‘No Helmet No Petrol will be enforced under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police so that no petrol pump can sell petrol to any two-wheeler, which comes to a petrol-pumped two-wheeler without wearing a helmet as well as carries pillion rider without a helmet in contravention of provisions as enumerated under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act’, the order read.

Almost half of the more than 1.8 million vehicles registered in Kolkata in 2019 were two-wheelers. The number of two-wheelers increased from 83,00,00 to 93,00,00 between 2017 and 2019.

Police registered around 93,855 cases of rash driving in 2019. One out of every three such rash driving cases, about 32,600 cases, are two-wheelers.

Earlier, authorities in Noida, Aligarh, and Bangalore implemented such rules.

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