Only 2100 COVID19 Patients Are In Hospital’s; Says Arvind Kejriwal

Mumbai: Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday that out of a total number of COVID19 cases in Delhi, only 2100 are in hospitals. The rest of the patients are undergoing treatment at their homes.

Kejriwal said that in last few days, Delhi is witnessing a surge in COVID19 cases, he accepts it. It is a matter of concern, but there is no need to panic. He assured the Delhi public that the government was four steps ahead of coronavirus.

“Out of the total patients, only 2,100 are in hospitals the rest are undergoing treatment at their homes. 6,600 beds for the patients are ready till date. By June 5, there will be 9,500 beds in Delhi,” he added.

Kejriwal said that the national capital can’t be in permanent lockdown, and will have to move on with all the precautions.

Delhi is the third city with highest COVID19 cases in India. Currently, there are 17,386 COVID19 cases, in which 9,142 are active, 7,846 have been discharged/migrated and 398 have died due to the virus.

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