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Pakistan Is Ready For War Against India: Imran Khan

Mumbai: In an address in POK Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people of Pakistan were ready to fight the war against its neighbour, India with an intention to free Kashmir. This ill intention sprouted after the Indian government scrapped the article 370, which provided special status to the states of Jammu and Kashmir, in the month of August.

He also criticised the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which was the parent party of BJP. While speaking, Mr. khan also said that entire Pakistan was worried about the conditions of Muslim in the Kashmir region. They fear the lynching of Muslims in India.

“We are all concerned at the moment about the truth of the humanitarian crisis and the atrocities created by this lockdown that has been imposed,” he said. The Pak prime minister further went to say that the Indian Prime Minister too was playing out his last card, but this will prove costly for India. Commenting that India has created a Strategic Blunder he said that he will now become the ambassador of Kashmir and make their voice heard in the world.

“Pakistan has to ensure that this new momentum continues where Kashmir is the global narrative. I pledge to be the ambassador of Kashmir,” Imran Khan.

He also said that he had a talk with US President Donald Trump. “The first important developments is that Kashmir is now a global narrative; we have spoken to Donald Trump about it, we bought it up at the OIC.”

The Pak Prime Minister said that around 18 crore Muslim living in India might face danger from Pro Indian Kashmir people. He said that the Pakistan army is battle-ready and has been fighting for 20 years against terrorism. This claim though gained a lot of snorts from the world. He further said, “We are observing where the events go from here. Pakistan is fully ready, our army, our people are united. We have decided we will not tolerate any violations and are ready to counter it.”

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