People Choose ‘Jan Pratinidhi’ For 5 Years, But We Are ‘Jansevaks’ PM Modi In Kerala

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first public meeting in Guruvayur, Kerala after he assumed office for the second term.

While inaugurating a meeting of the party of Bharat Bharat Janata Party (BJP) Kerala State Committee, the Prime Minister said, “did Kerala not vote for BJP, but it is as much as my Varanasi.”

“Some pundits feel that BJP cannot open its account in Kerala but Modi is going there to thank the people.

What’s in his mind We believe that elections have their own place, but after the elections, more important responsibility is 130 million citizens. Those who created us, who did not win us, are also ours. Kerala is mine as much as Varanasi, “said the PM.

The PM said that the people of India have rejected negativity and have chosen the positivity, and voted for the creation of a new India. Modi said, “People choose ‘Jan Pratinidhi’ for 5 years, but we are ‘Jansevaks’, who are committed to serving people.”

Earlier in the day, he worshipped at Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayoor of Thrissur. PM Modi is on a tour of Kerala for the first time after getting a huge mandate in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections in 2019. He also played ‘Thulhorbam’ (Weighing Ritual) while using lotus flowers.

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