Rahul Gandhi In His Ahmedabad Rally, Counters PM And His Government

Mumbai: Rahul Gandhi while addressing in a public rally in Ahmedabad said “Government of 2019 will be formed by Congress. PM Modi helped Vijay Malia, Nirav Modi. Congress will create minimum income. Why can’t Modi tax rich if he can tax to poor?’

“It was for the first time in the history when 4 Supreme court judges went to media and said that they are not allowed to work. Usually, people go to SC and seek for their rights but today’s time SC judges are going to public and asking for their rights and justice,” said Congress President.

Rahul Gandhi asked, who was responsible to send Masood Azhar back?. He said Congress had put him behind the bars, it was BJP who freed him.

He said, “Anil Ambani went to France with delegations of PM Modi, even when Ambani doesn’t know anything about making jets.”

PM Modi goes state to the state saying, ‘Mein Desh Bhakt hoon’, even when he has not helped farmers. BJP government has ruined farmers by spoiling small and medium industries. He asked, ‘Tell me where are the 15 lakh Rupees which was promised to grant in each bank account?’

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) the resolution said, ‘PM’s BJP government has spoiled the legacy of the freedom fighters. They act to be the champions of the values’.

Rahul Gandhi while saying to the press he said, “Today if you can ask any youth about his employment during the BJP government. Moreover, the demonetization resulted in a huge loss.”

He said to media, ‘In the last 45 years, this is the year which is baying with Unemployment’. CWC meet has ended now which was taken place at Sardar Patel Smarak, Ahmedabad.

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