Shahrukh Khan Honoured With Doctorate By La Trobe University In Melbourne

Mumbai: Bollywood’s King Khan was awarded a doctorate by La Trobe University, Melbourne, on Friday after recognising his noteworthy contribution in the industry and helping the social causes. He was awarded by the Victorian university in front of his fans

The actor had worked in 80 films and has helped in causes that empowered women and underprivileged children. Shahrukh Khan in his speech about women empowerment said, “I experienced firsthand the superficiality of social values that place a woman’s appearance before her inner worth. I wanted to subvert that idea- to create a space where a woman can be freed of this archaic notion, and the true source of her beauty could be celebrated.” The actor has never stopped talking about women with the utmost respect and kindness.

In one of speech during a book launch, he had said, “We keep talking about empowering women, which is misnomer according to me. It is like saving the planet, the planet saves you, it is looking after you. Similarly, when we say, ‘empower women’ there is nothing like empowering them. They are more powerful than us (men) All we need to do is genuinely give all the ladies an even playing field. That’s all they are asking for.”

The university shared Shahrukh khan’s speech where he had said, “this is not an award for anything like Meer Foundation might have achieved. It is for the courage of every woman who faces the brutality of injustice, inequality and inhumanity.”

In honour of Shahrukh Khan, La Trobe University had also announced a $200k scholarship to one of the Female Indian Researcher, a life-changing opportunity for the young student.

Shahrukh Khan also thanked the University, “I am deeply grateful to the La Trobe University for its graciousness in offering scholarships for the education of young women from my country. I doff my hat a million times to you!”

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