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Taliban Say They Have Completely Captured Panjshir Province, Raise Their Flag In Capital

Kabul: Taliban have claimed that they completely captured Panjshir, the last province holding out against the militants, and have raised their flag in its capital, Bazarak.

Earlier, Resistance forces in Panjshir had called for ceasefire after reports they suffered heavy losses during the weekend.

“Recent efforts to ensure complete security in the country have also brought results, and the Panjshir province has come under the full control of the Islamic Emirate (the name used by the Taliban),” said Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, as quoted by Sputnik.

After the fall of Kabul on 15 August, Panjshir province remained the only rebel holdout, with resistance forces led by Ahmed Masood, son of the late former Afghan guerrilla commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, fighting the Taliban.

The geography has seen heavy clashes between the warring sides in the last four days and both sides are claiming heavy casualties.

Panjshir has been a stronghold of the National Resistance Front led by Ahmed Masood and former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who declared himself as acting president.

On Sunday, Masood said he was ready to stop fighting and start talks if the Taliban leaves the province. Panjshir was the last Afghan province against the armed group that came to power last month.

Taliban has been facing stiff resistance after pushing deep into the country’s holdout in Panjshir Valley. Both sides claimed to have the upper hand in Panjshir but neither could produce conclusive evidence to prove it.

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