The Narrative Of Global Has Changed From ‘Why India?’ To ‘Why not India?’: PM Modi At ASSOCHAM Foundation Week

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the global narrative has changed towards India with new reforms and the country’s industrial sector should play a major role in the industrial revolution happening in the world.

While delivering the keynote address at ASSOCHAM Foundation Week 2020 today PM Narendra Modi said, “With new reforms, ease of doing business, ease in labor laws compliance and innovations, the past’s rhetoric of “Why India?” has turned to “Why not India?”. 

In the coming years, for Atmanirbhar Bharat, all of you should exert all possible force that can be mustered. The world is heading towards another Industrial Revolution. So from today we must plan and act on achieving our nation-building targets,” he added.

The world has faith in the Indian economy. The Prime Minister said that during the coronary epidemic, when the world is distraught in investment, we have received a record amount of FDI.

“We have to increase our domestic investment to maintain this belief,” he added.

So today is the time when we have to plan and work. The Prime Minister said that every year, we have to combine every goal with a big goal of nation-building.

PM Modi said, “There was a time when there were circumstances due to which questions were being raised in India. Now why did reforms take effect in the country, then it is being said – why not India.”

“New India, by relying on its strengths, relying on its resources, is leading a self-reliant India and we have a special focus on manufacturing to achieve this goal. We are constantly promoting manufacturing.”

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