Two Men Arrested After Being Deported For Flying On Fake Passports

Mumbai: On Saturday, two UP men were arrested after being deported from South Arabia for flying on passports that had fake information.

Babu Nanka (38), from Jaunpur, in 2004 had applied for a passport in Lucknow. In 2006, he flew to Saudi Arabia on a 3-month tourist visa. He worked in restaurants for three months but continued to stay thereafter. After 11 months, he got homesick, so he surrendered at a police station, where his documents were scrutinised, and he was kept in a lock-up for five days. He was deported to New Delhi and blacklisted by Saudi authorities in 2007.

But Nanka got another passport made with false details and flew back last week. He was screened at the airport and sent back to Mumbai.

Rahish Mansuri (35), from Sitapur, had got a passport in 2009, and two years later, flew to Riyadh on an employment visa. The agent said he could work in a juice-packing firm but his passport was taken away by a contractor and he was told to sweep roads there.

So Mansuri joined another company, where his friend was, for a year, and then returned. In 2014, he sought help of another agent and got a new passport with false information. He flew back on August 8, where officials deported him.

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