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UP Man Held For Biting Wife’s Nose Over Dowry Harassment

Mumbai: A man in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly bit his wife’s nose over demand for dowry. The wife has been injured and has lodged an FIR against her husband and inlaws for dowry harassment.

The wife, who goes by the name Ajmi, is 22. On December 15, the in-laws allegedly beat her up and the husband injured her by biting her nose.

Ajmi filed a formal complaint (FIR) at the CB Ganj Police Station on Tuesday, December 19, against her husband and six of his family members. Speaking about the event, Bareilly Additional Superintendent of Police, City, Rahul Bhati, stated that the lady had filed a complaint alleging dowry harassment and injury to her against her husband Nazim, father-in-law Sabir, and family members Rihan, Rukhsar, Majid Hussain, and Saeed Ahmed.

Nazim and his family allegedly harassed Ajmi for the dowry on a regular basis. Ajmi gave birth to a child who is now five months old after marrying Nazim one and a half years ago. But ever since she was married, her in-laws have made fun of her for bringing a little dowry. Nazim, her husband, used to frequently beat her and kick her out of the house. Every time, the Panchayat would interfere and make the necessary changes.

Ajmi told the authorities that the nose-biting incident left her injured, and that the family is still adamant about wanting the dowry. To investigate into the incident and provide right justice, an investigation is being carried out.

This lawsuit is being brought days after a Keralan doctor took her life due to demands for an enormous dowry from her boyfriend’s family. The family wanted a BMW, fifteen acres of land, and one hundred fifty gold sovereigns. The wedding had to be called off due to the enormous sum. The doctor said, “Everyone wants money only,” in the suicide note.

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