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Water Stock In Lakes Sufficient, No Water Cuts Till Next Monsoon: BMC

Mumbai: Since the water stock in lakes is sufficient, there will be no water cuts till the next monsoon in Mumbai, according to BMC officials.

On Friday, the seven lakes that supply water to the city were 98.50 per cent full. The city confronted a significant stretch of water cuts during 2018-19. While there have been cuts in sprays from that point forward, the stock of water in the city has been great.

However, the rainstorm hasn*t removed at this point, September 30 is viewed as the last day of the time. Assuming the lakes are full on this day, the water stock is generally enough for the city’s needs till next July. The city gets around 3,800 million litres each day (MLD) from these lakes.

On Thursday, the lakes* water stock was 14.26 lakh million litres while their absolute limit is 14.47 lakh million litres. “As there is sufficient water stock in the lakes, there won*t be any water cuts until the following rainstorm,” said Purushottam Malvade, head of the BMC*s pressure-driven division.

For the beyond four continuous years, Mumbai, Thane and Nashik, where the lakes are arranged, have gotten a lot of precipitation. In 2018, when precipitation was less than ideal and lakes had just 91% stock on the last day of the time, the city confronted an extended 10 per cent slice from November to June.

This year there was a short slice from June 28 to July 12 as the water stock went down to 9 per cent because of a defer in the appearance of the storm. Likewise, in 2020, there was a slice from August 5 to 29 because of unfortunate precipitation.

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