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Woman Accuses Husband Of Wife-Swapping In Noida, Says He Told Her To Sleep With His Friend

Mumbai: A Noida woman has accused her husband of wife-swapping, alleging that he force-fed her alcohol and asked her to establish a physical relationship with his friend at a house party. The woman stays with her husband and in-laws in Noida Sector 137.

According to the police complaint, the woman claims that her husband forced her to “forcefully drink alcohol” and encouraged her to “physically engage with his friend at a house party.”

The victim said in her complaint that her husband forced her to sleep with his buddy at a party last year and that he would then do the same with his friend’s wife.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested nine persons in connection with the investigation.

She went to the police on June 23 and claimed that when she married, her in-laws put pressure on her to embrace a “more modern lifestyle.”

According to India Today, the woman’s mother-in-law used to pick which days she should have sexual intercourse with her husband.

An investigation into the situation is now ongoing.

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