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Anti-Muslim Riots Killed One In Sri Lanka, Followed By Attack On Mosques Nationwide Curfew Imposed

Mumbai: After imposing nationwide curfew in Sri Lanka a man was killed in anti-muslim riots which began on Sunday in a particular area.

According to media reports, the 45-year-old died shortly after admitted in a hospital.

The officer said, “Mobs attacked him with sharp weapons in his carpentry workshop.” “This is the first death from the riots.” His death was given after giving orders to authorities to give the entire country imposed under the night curfew and to use the maximum force to deal with the miscreants.

Meanwhile, police chief Chandana Wickramaratne have warned in a televised address after rampaging mobs set fire to Muslim-owned shops and vehicles also deployed more force to tackle with troublemakers.

Police said that in the houses and mosques, barbarism was done by large groups of people with sticks and blunt weapons.

The police said that the unrest was concentrated in three districts of the capital, but the curfew was imposed one night across the country to prevent violence from spreading.

(With PTI Inputs)

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