Cricket Ball May Not Shine As Per Your Liking If You Are Not Allowed To Use Saliva: Ishant Sharma

Mumbai: Fast bowler Ishant Sharma has said that once the world becomes normal and cricket stars, cricketers will have to adapt to any kind of situation.

Ishant was doing an Instagram live session on the official handle of the IPL franchise Delhi Capital and it was then said that the bowler was asked to talk about what would happen if the bowler avoided dripping saliva at the cricket ball.

To this question, Pesar replied: “We know cricket has some changes and adjustments, but I think cricketers will get used to being the new normal, whatever it is. The ball may not shine as per your liking if you are not allowed to use saliva, or you may have to go and fetch the ball yourself during nets, but there is no option, players will be required to get used to these things”.

He said, “To be honest, I don’t like to think much about these things. I think it is important to stay in the present and not look too far ahead.”

Shining the ball is a big thing for bowlers in trying to get some swing out of the match.

As the game starts speaking in favor of the batsmen on each passing day, the bowlers must try everything in an attempt to upset the batsmen. Currently, all the cricketing action worldwide has stalled due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Pesar was last seen during India’s Test series against New Zealand earlier this year. If the IPL had started on March 29, he would have been in action for the Delhi capitals. However, the tournament has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronovirus epidemic.

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