Head Of Hamas’ Aerial Operations Killed In Air Strikes By Israel

Mumbai: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday said their overnight airstrikes have killed Murad Abu Murad, the head of Hamas’ aerial operations. The IDF stated that Abu Murad “took a big part” in directing terrorists during the attack, which included attackers who entered Israel from the air on hang gliders.

While providing operational updates about the air strikes on Gaza, the Israeli Air Force said in a post on social media X (formerly Twitter), “…over the last day, IAF fighter jets struck operational headquarters used by the Hamas terrorist organization from which the terrorist organization’s aerial activity was managed.”

The Times of Israel said that the Israeli Air troops claimed to have hit dozens of installations owned by Hamas commando troops, who were responsible for the October 7 infiltration into Israel, in separate overnight attacks.

Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Air Forces will continue to operate “as necessary to defend the State of Israel against the Hamas terrorist organization,” according to the Israeli Air Forces.

The Israeli Air Force reportedly struck the Gaza Strip home of Mohammed Deif’s father earlier on Wednesday. Mohammed Deif is the head of Hamas’ military branch.

On Saturday, the second week of the armed battle between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas began. With this, Israel’s Friday 24-hour deadline for 1.1 million people of northern Gaza to leave the region before its ground assault on Hamas objectives drew nearer.

 Images obtained by cameras of international media present in Gaza at the time showed swarms of Palestinians driving out from the area of the country targeted by Israeli ground strikes. Israel has already begun airstrikes against Gaza in response to the Hamas assault that was launched on Israeli territory last Saturday.

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