Hamas Releases Footage Of Babies & Children Kidnapped By Them

Mumbai: Hamas has released footage of babies and children kidnapped by their militants after they attacked Israel on October 7. The footage showed armed militants with young kids and babies, including one in a pram.

The video depicts several men in what appears to be a typical home while they are wearing military vests and uniforms with their faces obscured. The young hostages, who can’t be more than five years old, are seen being rocked and cuddled by them.

One of the males has a rifle and a baby in his other arm. A second father is holding a youngster in each arm while donning a balaclava and a green headband. He talks Arabic into the camera.

One of the most heinous war crimes, according to the international community, is kidnapping children during hostilities. Along with other atrocities like targeting hospitals or schools and using child soldiers, it is one of the six “grave violations” that the UN has listed.

Thousands of flyers with the call to “leave immediately” were dropped by Israel in Gaza. Hamas, on the other hand, urged its people to disregard the cautions, “remain steadfast in your homes,” and to “stand firm in the face of this disgusting psychological war.”

At least 150 hostages are thought to have been abducted by Hamas during its surprise attack on Israel last Saturday and returned to Gaza. Unknown numbers of Americans are among them.

Israel warned the roughly 1.1 million Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday morning to leave their homes within the next 24 hours because it might launch a ground invasion to fight Hamas militants.

The casualty count has risen, with 1,300 reported deaths in Israel, including 27 Americans, and an additional 1,900 fatalities in Gaza.

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